April 08, 2024


Wow, hitting 50,000 followers on Instagram!! I'm both disbelieving and incredibly grateful for every single one of you wonderful souls who clicked that follow button. When I first started this journey, I never imagined that my ramblings and quirky posts on table linen would reach such a massive audience. Its SO HEARTWARMING that our products and simple content resonate with so many people. We are like a secret society of table setting enthusiasts and TABLE LOVERS. But in all honesty, your support means the world to me.

I appreciate you sticking around.

So here's to you, my fabulous followers, for making this journey one heck of a ride. Let's keep spreading TABLE LOVE and Love for our homes and the place we all eat.

(and a healthy dose of sarcasm an irony too once in a a while…) we want to celebrate this milestone with a HUGE VIRTUAL HIGH-FIVE and a whole lot of gratitude.

Cheers to us!


X Roberta & Team