Copy of Table Love Journey

About me.

I trained as an Interior Architect in London & Milan, and then I lived in London for many years, found my husband, had two babies and worked in Styling, Interiors, Design & Magazines for pretty much all that time and more - a career in design & style of 20+ years. In the beginning I was the Interiors Editor at Wallpaper* and contributing style editor at Elle Decoration and several other interiors publications, a stylist & free-lance creative director to international lifestyle brands.



Curious about what else life had to offer, in 2018, we as a family decided to take a life sabbatical and live in the alps for a while, then Covid hit, and after two years ‘away’ my creative outpour was in the still life of family 'every-day-ness'. Away from the hustle and bustle of studio and city life, my creativity went into what I could create around me every day.

And really without knowing it, The Table Love had begun.

I realized it was time to leave the aforementioned career, and to use the years of experience on the road with design, to create a brand of my own.

The core of the idea for The Table Love is carefully chosen things for your table, your home, your family & friends. It’s created and curated by me, an International Swedish girl, but it's inspired by life. My years as a stylist, my life in England, my time in Milan, and my upbringing in the Middle East and Asia, items are sourced everywhere.

When I buy or create for the shop I do so with the intention that my customers will easily make stylish and conscientious choices. The inspiration for the design of the collection is my friends both here and around the world, how they live and what they love. I think of the beautiful places and homes I have visited and the meals I have shared with the people in my life whose style I most admire.

That is where the name comes from, The Table Love.

X Roberta


PS. Did you notice the folded napkin in our logo? The napkin drawn in our logo is called the “Opera Serviette” (its shaped like a fan), the inspiration for this stems from my grandmother Märta’s tables, she was a Grand Master of Napkin folding and every Sunday dinner there was a crisp Opera fan or Waterlilly shaped napkin perfectly perched on every placement…

Sustainability Promise.

Beautiful items shouldn’t come at the expense of our environment.

So we’re conscious of the impact that our processes have. Weaving, dyeing and the printing processes can be bad for the environment, we can promise our customers that we are not that company.

We pride ourselves in making good use of the raw materials, the fabric used for our own table linen and placemats are cut and made with no spill. The zero spill policy will dictate the sizes we are able to give on our standard collections, all to reduce waste & save precious resources.

The linen used in our own designs are low impact on the envirnment, flax is a raw material requiring only rainwater to grow, and its also biodegradeable and recyclable – even up-cyclable. All our flax linen proudly has the OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 mark. The fabrics also have Bureau Veritas Certification for our Premium European Flax. This means that our products made with European Flax, which is the guarantee of traceability for premium linen fibre that is grown in Europe. A natural and sustainable fibre, cultivated without artificial irrigation and that is GMO free.

To help lower our carbon footprint, we compensate where we can and we always strive to use sustainable materials, natural & raw materials, and recyclable or biodegradable packaging. We also strive to give new life to products fallen by the wayside… look out for our upcycled products and vintage.

Above all, we’ll keep doing our bit to support a more sustainable interiors industry & to help our customers to choose items to cherish that will last.